The MICU Education Web Site exists to provide a resource for the education of trainees, staff, and patients in the Medical ICU.  Your suggestions for this site are welcome.  THis information is for personal study purposes only and is restricted to UPMC or University of Pittsburgh access.  Material on this site cannot be distributed for commercial purposes without permission.

Orientation provides introductory information specific to housestaff and related to their care of patients during the MICU rotation.

Teach Me contains a series of basic lectures created to orient the new trainee to the ICU environment.  The discussions are basic in character with supported references.

Read Me provides a collection of reference materials supported by topic areas which can be downloaded by trainees and staff with permission.

The Bundle provides key references for the MICU standards of care for patients admitted to the MICU location.

Surf provides links to internet resources related to critical care.

Lung Tx provides key summaries for the care of patients following lung transplantation including guidelines for the management of immunosuppression and infectious disease complications.

Videos provides access to procedure videos on the internet related to critical care.

Links to internet resources for critical care education are located to the right.  These are comprehensive web sites recognized for their general expertise or specific expertise in a particular topic area.

The web site is intended to be constantly dynamic as new information is learned or housestaff or nursing staff needs change.  You may have an important reference to add, a topic to review, or maybe just a question you would like answered.  The chances are good if you have a question, someone else has the same question.  

Please contact the webmaster to make suggestions or suggest an area to consider.